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Learning and Development

The technology is changing rapidly, you have to be ready for its pace and bring quality outcomes with creative ideas through our Training as a Service. ProGalore believes in a framework that relies on local resources and builds them into successful individuals. At ProGalore Australia your personal development inline with technical capabilities is our top priority. No matter which professional stream you come from, it all depends on your commitment and our approach to building your career. Through our ACCGO model, you continuously build your skills that leads to greater individual effectiveness and career flexibility. We can customise courses that suits your current needs.

Resource Management

ProGalore inculcates towards its vision to put people before numbers, and continuously focuses on one of our key strategic pillars for succession planning. Instead of a hand-off once a requisition is filled, our strategic recruitment has driven significant benefits from unifying performance reviews, goal setting, succession, and career planning.
ProGalore has optimised talent acquisition processes that are effective and efficient to find, upskill, certify, hire and retain top performers. The returns on investment for these talent acquisition methodologies have improved quality recruiting through verified assessments of filtered potential local talents.

Application Management Services

Tap on to unlimited pathways to run your business without spending a fortune on its components - software testing , development and maintenance. We will modernize your workplace with technolgies such as Office365, BI, CRM, ERP and SharePoint solutions. Get an instant match for your project’s testing needs by accessing ProGalore’s team of skilled testers. All of our testers have extensive domain experience, allowing them to deliver value from day one. One of ProGalore’s greatest strengths is the consistency of methodology, processes and procedures exercised by our testers who follow common testing practices based on the ISTQB and other quality standards.

Project Delivery Services

The business workflow needs round the clock innovation, processes and support to increase productivity. We are your partner:

  1. To roll out current product(s) or needs to integrate multiple systems, making them more robust and unique.
  2. To deliver Full life cycle development and testing of new and existing Database or legacy systems.
  3. To migrate old technology platforms to state of the art, latest technology.
  4. To create processes for Data Life Cycle management.
  5. To architect database structures for optimal storage and retrieval of manufacturing data.
  6. To reverse engineer current systems in order to analyse sets of inputs and outputs.

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