• For a while Australian companies have been dependent on overseas companies they have neglected to develop local resources.

    As a result many of these organisations have almost been disabled by their inabilities to sustain in the current Global Financial Crisis. Although resources are available but they are unable to fulfil high rate of demand, due to limited supply. Because these organisations had long term dependency on outsource service providers, and avoided developing local resources.

    It is becoming a challenge for organisations to build this channel through line managers or equivalent positions. Most of the time, they get busy with overloading of expectations and end up in following scenarios:

    • An acceptance of Goals or objectives without checking the validity of the reasons behind wanting to achieve those goals or objectives.
    • A lack of full understanding of the performance gap between the present situation and the outcome desired.
    • A lack of exploration in the Options phase, meaning that only a few options – probably the more traditional tried and tested ones – are highlighted.
    • Not enough time spent in checking the motivation of the employee to move the actions forward or in discussing how the manager is going to provide onward support.
    • Not provided with right management methodology.

    I think there is only one option, is to take control of the situation and prepare strategic plan for long term growth and sustainability.

    The ProGalore Australia Model – ACCGO approach results in measurable, manageable, and defensible goals and objectives for individual growth.

    • ACHIEVE – model of qualitative and quantitative analysis for retention and growth
    • CHANGES – model of coaching people through their challenges
    • CARERS – model of performance block identification
    • GROW – model of growth
    • OUTCOMES – model of delivery

    Apart from size of the organization, the major objectives to sustain in the market are:

    1-      To share characteristics with organizational development, such as systems thinking and the need for through diagnosis of what the real issues are.

    2-      To find well trained, skilled and perfect match to their needs; perfect match means: apart from Product and Tools training; the resource must have acquired human/soft qualities and team-work added to the Orientation regime.

    3-      To find a resource who can develop product for their needs and further support it without their own management efforts.

    4-      To find a resource, who can not only support their current product but also add value to their team.

    5-      To analyze the current product(s), services, and processes; and provide cost effective solutions locally.

    6-      To retain a resource through measuring performance and creating a plan for individual development that would drive a plan for organizational development as well.

    7-      To develop/recruit a resource who truly understands that there is a need of collaborative line manager who can also act as a coach.

    And this list goes on and on. The essences of problems that ProGalore has decided to address through its ACCGO model.


    Written by: ProGalore Consultants
  • In Australia, outsourcing in IT sector has been practiced for the past three decades. Whilst it has fulfilled a need in the business/commercial environment, it has come at a cost. Some of those costs have resulted in reduced opportunities for local resources such as Australian generation, and skill migrated professionals.

    This has been demonstrated by large corporations taking advantage of cheap overseas service providers. Whilst supporting very little in the Learning and Development of their own local resources. Also, the quality of services provided is not meeting the needs in terms of soft skills and process based delivery.

    As a result many of the overseas providers have ceased their operations in Australia and moved back to their home countries.

    With this sudden departure of outsourced resources the local industries are struggling to cope with demands of technical professionals.

    There are number of options that are readily available to rectify this problem. The easiest solution is to do nothing and hope that the move to open offices in overseas countries would solve the problem. But I think this approach would not provide much support to our economy and our local resources; very soon we would end up with high unemployment rate in history.

    Another option is to take proactive action and create opportunities that make organisations immune to the dependency of outsourcing.

    ProGalore Australia predicted these risks and developed strategies for protecting Australian companies against these Risks by implementing measures such as:

    • Training and Developing technical resources for most enterprise environments
    • Providing a supportive structure for managing and developing technical resources
    • Building trust and empathy with our clients
    • Offering support to meet most of the clients expectations


    Written by: ProGalore Consultants